HOBAS NC Line Next to the Danube

Projekt ID: [019000]
Land: Österreich
Stadt: Hößgang
Jahr: 2014
Abwasser | Sonderprofil (NC Line)
Installation: Offener Graben
Gesamtlänge [m]: 74
Nominaler Durchmesser DN [mm]: NC Line
Aussendurchmesser De [mm] -
Key Words: Freispiegelleitung

Kite-shaped HOBAS Profiles for renewal of sewer system in Austria

In 2014, an examination of the wastewater system in the Austrian village of Hößgang revealed that one old concrete pipeline was in particularly urgent need for renovation. HOBAS helped remedy this problem with a non-circular solution.

The village of Hößgang is located in Lower Austria. Some of the village’s sewer lines have been in operation for many decades already and their condition is correspondingly poor – especially that of one concrete sewer, which was found in urgent need of repair in 2014. The contractor decided to realize the renovation with kite-shaped HOBAS NC Line Profiles: The pipes’ excellent hydraulic properties, corrosion resistance, and particularly long lifetime made them ideal for tackling the sewer’s low depth and achieving the required flow rate. 

The difficult ground conditions due to the immediate proximity to the Danube (alluvial soil) and the very narrow access to the site represented a considerable challenge, which the construction company Teerag-Asdag managed successfully. The construction pit was stabilized and secured by means of metal retaining walls. The limited space on site made a precise just-in-time delivery necessary. This requirement was perfectly fulfilled and the HOBAS NC Profiles with a cross-section of 1290/1040 mm installed within one week only.

The construction company and the planner were more than satisfied by the quick and problem-free installation of the HOBAS NC Pipeline and the overall implementation of the project. 

  • HOBAS NC Line Next to the Danube