280 m³ Safe Drinking Water Storage in Thal, Austria

Projekt ID: [019001]
Land: Österreich
Stadt: Thal
Jahr: 2015
Rohwasser / Trinkwasser
Kapazität: 280 m³
Nominaler Durchmesser DN [mm]: 3000
Aussendurchmesser De [mm] 3000

HOBAS GRP Tank installed in Thal, AT

In the municipality of Thal in the Austrian region of Styria, a 280 m³ HOBAS Potable Water Tank was installed to enable a reliable future water supply. HOBAS Installation Experts were faced with challenging site conditions which they managed perfectly and completed the project within two days. 

The inhabitants of Thal are pleased about a safe and smooth supply with crystal-clear drinking water: Since 2015, they can rely upon a custom-made HOBAS GRP Tank with 280 (2 x 140) m³. The reservoir was adapted to the project requirements, which involved a quite challenging installation process. For one thing, the space on site was very limited, and secondly, it could only be reached via a steep and narrow road. The road’s gradient with up to 21 % could only be managed by a tractor, which transported the DN 3000 modules one by one and just-in-time uphill to the construction site. The tank units were then lowered into the 4.5 m deep construction pit which was filled with standard bedding material – gravel with a grain size of 8 to 16 mm. Due to their low weight and the convenient push-to-fit couplings, the installation took no more than two days despite the difficult circumstances. 

The leak-tight and corrosion resistant HOBAS Tank prevents leaking of the stored drinking water as well as infiltrations of the surrounding groundwater. Its abrasion and corrosion resistance result in a problem-free operation over a long lifetime. If more capacity is needed at some point in the future, the tank can easily be expanded at any time. HOBAS Experts supervised the installation on site and supported the constrution team with their professional know-how. The project was completed to the client’s utmost satisfaction. 

  • 280 m³ Safe Drinking Water Storage in Thal, Austria
  • 280 m³ Safe Drinking Water Storage in Thal, Austria